Who is Obama?

I think that the majority of America just lives life and does not pay attention to what is going on in their government. That was me. I was working at the same job that I started before I graduated high school. My children had grown up, I had spent many years teaching in the Sunday School Nursery, I had a grandson, I had married the love of my life and in the summer of 2010 (just shy of 30 years), I was laid off. The company that I worked for had gone from a nice sized small business (I’d guess around 30 employees) to gradually selling off all of the equipment and laying off all employees with the exception of a few sales reps and one graphic artist and then started outsourcing the jobs.

Approximately a year ago, I “woke up”. I realized that something was really wrong. Too many people are out of work and having a hard time finding jobs. Businesses are still shutting down. Millions have just given up looking for work. Too many people on food stamps and other government assistance. What is going on?

As I started to pay attention, I learned that Barack Obama is surrounded by mystery, scandals, lawsuits, and unanswered questions. I have learned a lot over the past year and learn more everyday. I want to share what I am learning with you.

I just discovered this video today and I think that Dr. Alan Keyes gives some good advice. Some of the information that will be shared will be from the past and his remarks may hopefully give you reason to keep an open mind as we try to figure this out.