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Blacks Win Whites Lose

Horace Cooper of Project 21 On 8/26/2013 Project 21 co-chair Horace Cooper debated Daryl Parks an attorney for the Trayvon Martin family on racial violence and the difference in the way that the Obama Administration, the media and the civil

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Don Lemon Was Correct About Bill O’Reilly’s Statments On Black People

Here’s another video activist that I discovered on youtube. I admire people like this. They don’t give two hoots about the negative backlash from those who do not want to hear the truth. Please visit the painelessrisen channel on youtube.

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Snuffing out an unwanted fetus is a good thing. [For any reason. Any reason at all.]

I was reading an article on about the ACLU suing over a law that Arizona passed in 2011 that stops doctors or abortionists from performing abortions if they know that they are based on sex or race. For a

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A Lesson For Melissa Harris Perry (MSNBC) – Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

(Picture – Anti-Slavery Society/Child Slaves) Melissa Harris Perry compared the terrorists in GITMO to American slaves. How in the world can she think that inprisonment of the very people who for 1400 years and still enslave Africans today compare to

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Wild Bill For America Wants 10,000 Americans At Zimmerman Trial

Wild Bill is calling for 10,000 Americans to show up at the Zimmerman trial to stand up to the racist media. The mainstream media tried to use this case to stir up ill will in race relations. They need to

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Racist rant on gun control by CNN contributor.

Answer this…Why did they (Dems) wait for school shooting before they attempted a gun grab? This is not an issue on race. This is a rights issue.

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Alfonzo Rachel on Toure and other liberals on racism.

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Chris Matthews Is Race All That You’ve Got? Just Asking.

I wonder why everything is about race with Chris Matthews? Is that all he’s got? Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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RE-CREATING AMERICA: Cultural Sensitivity in Wisconsin Schools

Published on Mar 18, 2013 by eagfoundation

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This is what a real racist looks like.

If this was not such vile and suggestive commentary, it would almost be funny. But it is not funny. It is shameful. Disturbing!!! Toure Neblett: Republicans Need Black Friends to not feel Racist, Enter Ben Carson Published on Mar 22,

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