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Brietbart columnist, @JakeMcClain is doing something that Nancy Pelosi should have done.

Nancy Pelosi said: Well, unlike Nancy Pelosi, Jake McClain is going to read it and then he is going to tweet ObamaCare so that we can all find out what is in it. Jake McClain @jakemcClain Actor and part time

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Tolerance as demanded by the liberal left?

You hear so much about tolerance from the liberal left who has demonstrated time and time again that they themselves have no tolerance for Christians or anyone with moral beliefs. Barack Obama has to be the most radical presidents ever.

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Antagonistic tweet from the @BarackObama twitter account.

The majority of Americans do not agree with ObamaCare according several polls on Rasmussen Reports. Maybe things like this have something to do with citizens thinking that Obama is arrogant or even thuggish?: A reminder to severe conservatives still trying

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