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Obama, Islam and the media.

The local TV station that has been around since I was a kid posted a question on facebook earlier asking what the citizens would like to see covered. A person commented that they would like to see the slaughter of

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Similarity between Morsi and Obama?

Photo credit Maryann Krueger who received from an Egyptian friend. I was reading an article by Khaled Fahmy (Special for CNN) and I was struck by the similarity of the description of Morsy to Obama. What do you think? However,

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Suspected Islamists Boko Haram Hid Guns In Coffins, Killed 13

Friday’s attack came as Nigeria’s military makes its most concerted effort yet to end a four-year insurgency by Boko Haram, a sect that has killed thousands in a campaign to create a state governed by Islamic law in Nigeria’s northeast.

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Are you listening? Maxine Waters tells you what’s up.

If you really listen to what these people are telling you, you’ll see that we are in big trouble. If we can see this, why can’t our representatives? Or do they? She makes it pretty clear how she feels about

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Shocking !! – Islam’s Vision for America – America as an Islamic State with Sharia Law (Full)

  Published on Dec 31, 2012 by IndianNewsOnline Facebook Fan page:……. Twitter: Channels on YouTube:… (Dr Subramainan Swamy official)… (Narendra Modi official)……… Facebook Discussion Group: Janata Party

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Losing Our Community (video)

In a developing story the DHS and FBI are said to be taking over Nashville, Tennessee’s CMA Festival, which is the largest country music event in the world. Downtown hospitality industry management have warned their staff to be careful when

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Hillary and Hussein should pay us back for ads to cover their butts.

It has come out as fact (like most of us already knew) that the Obama administration knew immediately that the 9/11/2012 attack in Lybia was by Islamic terrorists. Who’s going to pay the taxpayers back for the apology ads? They

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CAIR has become involved after an Islamic Center was vandalized in GA

Channel 2 Action News has reported that an Islamic Center was vandalized with spray painted messages in a suspected response to the brutal murder of a military officer in London. A witness claims to have seen an elderly man wearing

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Modern Day Slavery, NDAA, and FEMA Camps

I was researching slavery in modern times and I found a bit of information that really made me think. Forced labor is a practice of compulsory labor exacted by a state or by agencies of a state, other than as

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A Lesson For Melissa Harris Perry (MSNBC) – Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

(Picture – Anti-Slavery Society/Child Slaves) Melissa Harris Perry compared the terrorists in GITMO to American slaves. How in the world can she think that inprisonment of the very people who for 1400 years and still enslave Africans today compare to

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