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Sworn Officers Plan To March On DC Sept. 9th; Police Chief Mark Kessler Leads The Way

We have great patriots across the nation that are trying to awaken the public to the unconstitutional acts by our own government. Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible and never has been eligible to be President of the United States.

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Kira Davis

Uploaded on Feb 23, 2012 Kira Davis Wherein I follow the lead of our own President and apologize to President Karzai of Afghanistan on behalf of America Kira is an actress, mother, blogger and talker. She hosts a bi-weekly internet

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Canadian government regulating free speech of librarians and archivists. Created a “snitch line” to report them?

Excerpt from boing boing Canada’s Conservative government has issued new regulations to librarians and archvists governing their free speech in public forums and online media. According to the Harper government, public servants owe a “duty of loyalty” to the “duly

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VOTER FRAUD (Virtual State of the Union 2013)

Published on Mar 5, 2013 The Virtual President concludes his 2013 State of the Union address by showing how voter fraud IS voter suppression, and by calling for a top-to-bottom reform of the US electoral system starting with the argument

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Can It All Be a Coincidence?

Thursday, October 4, 2012 Can It All Be a Coincidence? Warning Signs features my daily commentaries, but I will break with that and share one that is well worth your consideration: CAN IT ALL BE COINCIDENCE? by Don Fredrick, ©2012,

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