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Why do gays and women have constitutional rights (according to courts) that others do not?

Surveys show a shockingly high fraction think a quarter of the country is gay or lesbian, when the reality is that it’s probably less than 2 percent. Source: Americans Have No Idea How Few Gay People There Are The Supreme

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Germantria Codes,Bible Codes and other strange coincidences – Obama

This video is from 2008 but I’d never seen it before so I thought that I’d share it with you. These seven coincidences sure seem like more than coincidence. What do you think? Posted Nov 17, 2008 by ppsimmons.

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The Queering of America.

Liberals are turning America into a Queer nation. Is that politically correct? Nope! Do I care? Nope! Political correctness is what is wrong with this country. Do I hate gays? Absolutely not. Do I think that Americans should be forced

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Goznell attorney: “Things went a bit awry at that location.”

“I’m not going to sit there and tell you that things didn’t get a bit out of hand and things went a bit awry at that location.” Awry? That is not exactly how I would describe the torture and murder

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White House recognizes GA State Rep. Simone Bell as a ‘Harvey Milk Champion of Change’

The White House honored gay GA Rep (D) yesterday as a “Harvey Milk Champion Of Change” The award was established two years ago to honor the San Francisco elected official who was assassinated in 1978 and recognizes openly gay elected

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God or Atheism — Which Is More Rational?

I was outside of my local area yesterday and was scanning the radio for a talk station because I could not pickup the one that I listen to at home. I usually listen to one that carries Rush, Hannity and

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Is Obama gathering “intelligence” on the pro-life movement?

Published on Apr 4, 2013 Dana Cody of Life Legal Defense Foundation discusses the government’s attempts to harass peaceful pro-life activists with Ben Johnson, guest host of “Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham” on AFR Talk. Hmm, I wonder if

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Have you met the Doctor of Common Sense E.T. Williams? Student suspended for refusing to stomp on Jesus.

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Horror! Black Babies Cheaper Than Monkeys For Experimental Testing?

I was listening to Kevin Jackson from BlackSphere on WGUL last night and he said something that really concerned me. He said that black babies would be used for the testing of the Anthrax vaccine that the Obama’s ethics panel

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Anderson Cooper Kisses Madonna Dressed As Boy Scout

Anderson Cooper kisses Madonna dressed as Boy Scout to protest against their morality while accepting an award at GLAAD Awards.

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