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Don Lemon Was Correct About Bill O’Reilly’s Statments On Black People

Here’s another video activist that I discovered on youtube. I admire people like this. They don’t give two hoots about the negative backlash from those who do not want to hear the truth. Please visit the painelessrisen channel on youtube.

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Sworn Officers Plan To March On DC Sept. 9th; Police Chief Mark Kessler Leads The Way

We have great patriots across the nation that are trying to awaken the public to the unconstitutional acts by our own government. Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible and never has been eligible to be President of the United States.

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Obama, Sharpton, Celebrities and the Media stir up tensions.

I do not know who to credit the above image to. First, let me say to Trayvon’s parents that I feel for them over the loss of a child. I am also sorry for the pain and lost family time

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Mike Zullo on Obama’s forged documents: This is not going on Judge Judy!

I first found out about a problem with Obama’s birth certificate in March of 2012 when CBS reported on the investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo and the volunteer possee. Here’s the full press conference that followed that announcement

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Kaitlyn Hunt and crew along with media play the ‘gay card” and start a campaign against the “anti-gay parents”.

Kaitlyn Hunt is an 18 yr old woman who seduced a 14yr old girl in school on more than one occasion. She was also warned on more than one occasion by the victim’s parents as well as family friends that

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Hillary and Hussein should pay us back for ads to cover their butts.

It has come out as fact (like most of us already knew) that the Obama administration knew immediately that the 9/11/2012 attack in Lybia was by Islamic terrorists. Who’s going to pay the taxpayers back for the apology ads? They

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Goznell attorney: “Things went a bit awry at that location.”

“I’m not going to sit there and tell you that things didn’t get a bit out of hand and things went a bit awry at that location.” Awry? That is not exactly how I would describe the torture and murder

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State Treasurer Shoffner Resigns

Little Rock has it’s share of scandals and criminal politicians. State Treasurer Martha Shoffner resigned Tuesday, a day after appearing in federal court to face an extortion charge. Shoffner, 68, was arrested Saturday by FBI agents at her Newport home

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Macon City Council Member Elaine Lucas Slanders TV/Radio Personalities.

This is the self description of Elaine Lucas from her facebook page. Member, Macon City Council, 25 years; married to Senator David E. Lucas, Sr. for 36 years/ Educator 38 yrs./Mother of 4 (1 deceased)/ grandmother of 13/and 2 great-grands.)

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Jordan Arrests Anti-Israel Hackers (Anonymous)

Jordanian security forces arrested several youths who are suspected of attacking Israeli internet sites as part of the large scale cyber attack on Israel declared by the group called Anonymous. In response, Anonymous threatened to attack Jordanian internet sites. The

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