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Obama tells African youth to give up their dreams because it ain’t gonna happen.

Listen up, King Obama is speaking…. It sounds to me like Obama is telling these people that the youth are never going to have a nice house, vehicle or air conditioning. Somebody got there first. It sounds like Obama thinks

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USDA Secretary Justifies Agenda 21, Says Rural America “Less and Less Relevant”

With all that goes on with this administration, it is hard to keep track. I think that that is what Barack Hussein Obama wants. Distractions, one after the other. We have got to pay attention to Agenda 21. Last week

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This is the best explanation that I have heard so far. It is based upon actual facts. I hope that this helps more people understand that there really is something going on. All that you have to do is look

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Horror! Black Babies Cheaper Than Monkeys For Experimental Testing?

I was listening to Kevin Jackson from BlackSphere on WGUL last night and he said something that really concerned me. He said that black babies would be used for the testing of the Anthrax vaccine that the Obama’s ethics panel

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NRA Created To Protect Free Slaves

Published on Feb 22, 2013 Black conservative leaders discuss the reason the NRA was founded and how gun control is an effort to control people.

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Budget Committee Democrats Vote To Fund Food Stamp Promotions In Foreign Embassies

Published on Mar 15, 2013 WASHINGTON, March 15–At yesterday’s Budget Committee mark-up, Sen. Sessions offered an amendment to prohibit any further funds from being expended on the controversial U.S.-Mexico food stamp partnership, which allows USDA to advertise food stamp benefits

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JFK, RFK, and the NWO

Uploaded on Aug 29, 2010 by Leonar Ulrich Two possible scenes from my upcoming non-profit movie to be distributed on Youtube. I’ll tell you how to download it, join the parts, and burn it once it’s done.

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Published on Mar 15, 2013 by cgreene34 The hardcore truth is that Obama’s gun grab is about to instigate Civil War in America’s streets.

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Gun Control for Democide?

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Tolerance as demanded by the liberal left?

You hear so much about tolerance from the liberal left who has demonstrated time and time again that they themselves have no tolerance for Christians or anyone with moral beliefs. Barack Obama has to be the most radical presidents ever.

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