Modern Day Slavery, NDAA, and FEMA Camps


I was researching slavery in modern times and I found a bit of information that really made me think.

Forced labor is a practice of compulsory labor exacted by a state or by agencies of a state, other than as a punishment for a criminal offence. It was quite common in the French, German, Belgian, Portuguese and Spanish colonies in Africa, and, to a lesser degree, in the British colonies (where the inhabitants performed such labor in lieu of taxation).

Today, it involves the forcible recruitment by the Tatmadaw (the Burmese army) of small farmers, their wives and children to work as human mine-detectors, porters and laborers.

It also involves people who have been imprisoned without trial in labor reform camps in China and North Korea because of their religious or political beliefs.

Read more at anti-slaverysociety

Doesn’t it sound like the NDAA and the FEMA camps could serve our government well should they decide to enslave us, force us to work for no pay and try to re-educate us on our religious or political beliefs?

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